Have a read of what our customers have had to say.

“The only shop i will buy my kids clothing from because of the great bargain and LOVELY staff crew”


“As owner and manager of a pre-school I have been into Zero to Five on numerous occasions to purchase resources and baby gear for my centre. We can get quality sturdy brand toys at a great prices, highchairs, and cots plus educational toys. Not only that but we can sell items we no longer need and the process is simple, and fast while the service is friendly.”


““I started off selling through Zero to Five but now visit regularly and buy there as well because the prices are so reasonable and the quality is very good. Zero to Five has been a great place for my children to sell the gear they no longer want. Just before the holidays we take a lot in and they have money to spend during the break or they buy something in the shop, often it is items they would not be able to afford to buy new.”


“Zero to Five provides lots of educational toys and sometimes I have purchased toys that I have not seen in New Zealand.”


“I absolutely love the concept of Zero to Five, it provides great gear for a low cost , it’s also great for the planet as people re-cycle and its good to know that items not sold in the shop are passed on to charities that can use it.”


“I used to sell on Trade me but found that a hassle. Taking photos, loading & describing them, answering questions and then arranging pick up or postage just so draining and time consuming, especially when I seemed to be de-cluttering every few months! Zero to Five was a life saver. They made it so easy and I still got good money for my gear.”


“This is by far my favourite shop. I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old, and I have saved hundreds on all their stuff by shopping here. My favourite items are the clothing and the bargain cloth nappies”