A fun way to buy.. an easy way to sell

1 Bring in your baby or kids gear

We buy clothing, toys, games, puzzles, cots, carseats, highchairs, buggies, accessories etc. Items must be clean and in good condition. We accept your gear daily Monday – Saturday & price generally within 24 hrs.

2 Customer is phoned

We inform you how much gear has been accepted and if there are any returns (items we do not accept). You are then given three payment options, selling on behalf ( not available on clothing ), immediate cash or store credit. You can either collect your returns WITHIN A WEEK or request we pass them on to charity. Please note if your items are NOT collected within 14 days we will dispose of the items.

3Payment Options


This means you receive the payment once your items are sold. If items are unsold after 6 weeks either the price is reduced (which also reduces the amount you will receive) or we request that you pick them up. once your items have sold we phone you to pick up your money.Behalf amount is not available on clothing

Sale Price $ Given to you
Up to $20 50%
$20-$100 60%
$100 70%

This allows you to receive the money now. A cash offer is slightly less than the behalf offer as we take on the risk of items not selling. You can collect your cheque or cash from us when you collect you collect your invoice. Arrangements can be made to pay directly into your bank account.

You will receive a store credit which is valid for 12 months it is slightly higher than the cash offer. You don’t need to carry any kind of loyalty card we keep it all on record instore to keep it simple.

Although all care will be taken, goods are to be accepted at owners risk.

Why Buy at Zero to Five?

Zero to Five is a FUN way to buy. You can buy quality gear at the fraction of the price to buy new and you save money and time hunting around for better value. New stock comes into the store everyday including: unique toys from overseas, baby gear in excellent condition & occasionally stock from stores that have closed down. At Zero to Five your dollar stretches further (Great for the budget!) while still allowing you to buy quality clothing, toys and baby products. Zero to Five also stock some new toys and baby gear (often below the RRP) making it a great place to shop for gifts. The staff are friendly and helpful. The parking is easy right outside the door. There is a kids area to occupy the kids while you shop. And of course the stores have ever-changing stock make it an exciting place to shop!

Why Sell at Zero to Five?

As you know children progress through stages very quickly and it is not long until you do not have enough storage for clothing, toys, books and all the baby gear. There are times when you think it would be great to get a return for your items but having the time to look at that process can be draining and time consuming. At Zero to Five it is simple! Drop in all your baby/kids gear and we will sort, price and then phone you within 24hours with two options a cash offer or selling on behalf. We have comprehensive pricing guidelines so customers get a fair price for their items. We even offer the service of passing what we do not take on to a charitable cause. All you have to do is pick up the money or we can post a chequeto you. FAST! FUN! SIMPLE! & EASY!