Ergo pouch Baby tuck sheet NEW

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Ergo pouch Baby tuck sheet NEW (box sealed)


Suitable for: Newborn +

Ergopouch Cot Tuck Sheet 0.2 Tog/1.0 Tog Grey Marle 


The Baby Tuck Sheet is a TOG-rated, safe alternative to blankets suitable from birth. Designed to use over the top of a swaddle or sleeping bag, the Baby Tuck Sheet is a fitted mattress sleeve that provides added warmth, security and comfort for a newborn or baby during sleep. Each side of the Baby Tuck Sheet is TOG-rated; simply flip the sheet over to adjust the warmth and follow our Bedding Temperature guide (included) for help layering.  The 0.2 TOG side can be used as a light layer and the 1.0 TOG side as a warmer layer over the top of your baby's swaddle or sleeping bag. The zips allow you to adjust to two levels of firmness (tightness), to find the perfect fit for your baby's size, or strength of startle reflex.  Newborns who don't like to be swaddled may find the firmness of the Tuck Sheet comforting.