Love to Dream 50/50 Transitional Swaddle Size Medium 0.6 Tog

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Love to Dream transitional swaddle size medium

  • The super popular Swaddle UP 50:50 made from a beautifully soft viscose bamboo fabric
  • 1.0 tog warmth makes this suitable for most of the year. 
  • Wrapping babies, swaddling babies, cocooning babies... is a globally accepted and proven method for helping babies to settle and sleep.
  • there is a transition period for babies when moving from being snugly wrapped or swaddled, to a sleeping bag or under blankets. This period can be quite unsettling for baby’s & parents’ precious sleep routine.
  • The Swaddle UP ’50/50’ is the no cry solution, which helps your baby, adjust to full blown freedom slowly. No matter how you have been swaddling your baby either with arms up, down or across their chest the 50/50 can help your baby transition out of swaddling and into a sleeping bag.
  • Size medium
  • 0.6 Tog 
  • Grey/white striped
  • Very good secondhand condition  

Preloved / secondhand item quality checked by our team.