Glow Dreaming Sleep Aid with Twinkle Star Sleep Drops

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Glow Dreaming

The sun has set and it's time for bed. Is your child making bedtime difficult? Are you at your wits end? Glow Dreaming takes the battle out of sleep time making it the restful beautiful experience it should be. Glow Dreaming bringing sleep to those that need it most.

Safety - Designed for children, Glow Dreaming has all the safety features you need and want for your child. With cool mist technology, Glow Dreaming produces a cool touch mist with the entire unit being always safe to touch. The auto switch off function ensures even when you forget, Glow Dreaming is always looking after your child

Light Therapy - The red LED light used by Glow Dreaming combats the damage caused to our sleeping patterns by technology, helping reset our internal clocks. Red spectrum light has been scientifically proven to help tell our bodies it's time for sleep. Children are even more susceptible to the damage caused by the blue light waves emitted by the screens and lighting we use.

Humidifier - The humidifier makes breathing easier, improves comfort and has been proven to reduce the risk of cold and flu's. It is ideal for children who snore, have asthma or get sick often.

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