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Fun Fan Fryer

Learn to cook with this realistic stove with frying pan. Works with an inbuilt fan which makes the food turn in the pan like it`s bubbling, sizzling or frying. No heat! Includes six recipes on three felt discs and one metal spatula.

Play Tips

Prepare meals for your friends and family like a real chef! Choose one recipe, turn on the stove and stir the food. The stove will automatically turn off if not used for 90 seconds.


  • Fan in the stove makes the food move realistically in the pan
  • The sensor switch lets you switch between two fan speeds
  • Miniature metal spatula prepares kids to use the real thing
  • Includes three felt disks with a different dish on each side
  • Dishes include steak and vegetables, fried salmon, spaghetti, bacon and eggs, curried chicken legs and pancakes
  • The fan is housed inside the stove and covered by the grill, so is 100% safe for little hands
  • The stove will automatically turn off if not used for 90 seconds

SECONDS quality items might have slight surface damage or defects.