Snuggly layers for bedtime this winter at Zero to Five

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Snuggly layers for bedtime this winter at Zero to Five

Brrr, can you feel that winter chill in the air?

It's time to bundle up your little ones and make sure they stay cosy and warm during their precious sleep time. We've got some awesome tips for you on how to layer your babies sleep clothing like a pro, so they can have the snuggliest slumber ever in preloved bedtime gear from Zero to Five.

Start with a Base Layer: Alright, let's get this sleep party started! Grab a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric like cotton or bamboo for the first layer. We're talking long-sleeved onesies or cute pajama sets that'll keep your little rockstars comfortable and dry all night long. Snug as a bug!

Embrace the Magic of Merino: You know what's absolutely amazing? Merino wool! It's like a superhero fabric for winter warmth. So, why not add a touch of merino magic to your little one's sleep attire? Look for merino wool sleepwear or base layers—onesies or pyjamas that'll make your baby feel like they're wrapped in a cosy cloud.

Add a Middle Layer: Time to crank up the warmth factor! Grab some snuggly fleece or thermal material for the middle layer. These thicker fabrics are perfect for providing extra insulation and keeping those tiny toes and fingers toasty. Think cute sleep suits or sleep bags that'll make your baby feel like a superstar snuggler.

Consider a Sleep Sack or Wearable Blanket: Let's keep things safe and cosy! Swap out loose blankets for sleep sacks or wearable blankets. These nifty inventions keep your little explorer warm without any risks. Look for ones with a TOG rating suitable for chilly winter nights. It's like giving your baby a warm hug all night long.

Keep Extremities Toasty: Those little hands and feet need extra love! Slip on some super comfy and breathable socks or booties to keep them nice and warm. And don't forget mittens or hand covers to keep tiny fingers warm while preventing any ninja scratching moves. Top it off with a cute hat that covers those ears for extra warmth.

Create a Comfy Sleep Environment: Last but not least, let's set the stage for dreamy slumbers. Check the nursery temperature —somewhere between 18-21 degrees Celsius is the sweet spot. Oh, and invest in a cot mattress that's well-insulated and breathable.

There you have it team, your ultimate guide to layering sleep clothing for those chilly nights. Start with a breathable base layer, sprinkle in some merino wool magic, add a middle layer for extra snuggles, consider a sleep sack or wearable blanket, keep those extremities toasty, and create a comfy sleep environment. Your little ones will be snoozing in style and staying cosy throughout the winter season. So, check out our favourite sleepwear and let the snuggling begin! Stay warm and enjoy those sweet dreams!