I have a bag of mixed clothes that I haven’t looked at for a long time, can I bring it in and will you sort it for me?
No sorry, please refer to our selling clothing page.

I think all the pieces of the puzzle/game/toy are there but I’m not sure, can I bring it in?
For a puzzle or toy with many pieces we have to see it assembled to ensure all the parts are there.

My car seat expires in 1 year, will you buy it from me?
No sorry, car seats need to have at least two years left until expiry.

My pram needs a new tyre but otherwise it’s in good condition, will you buy it from me?
Please call us to discuss, normally we would need to see it before making a decision.

Do you hold items?
Sometimes we will hold an item for a specified period, usually by arranging over the phone or in person in the store. We do not hold items through Facebook.

Do you hire items?
No we don’t, but if you buy an item from us, it is likely that we will buy it back from you. It’s probably a good idea to discuss this at the time of purchase. We do not guarantee any buy-backs.

Do you lay-by items?
Yes, minimum purchase amount has to be $50 with a 30% deposit and 4 weeks to pay in full. Lay-by is not available on sale items. A $20 cancellation fee applies.