About us

We BUY and SELL quality baby and kids gear for zero to five year old's

We sell a diverse range of baby and childrens products for all stages between newborn and starting school. Our focus is on preloved but we also source new items, seconds and discontinued lines frequently.

Here are some great reasons to shop with us:

Reduce waste -  Buying secondhand with us means you will be keeping plastic out of landfills and contributing to reducing textile waste.

Save Money, Save Time - All items are quality checked by our team before we accept them into our store. This means you will get a next-to-new product for an excellent price, without the drawbacks that can sometimes occur when buying on market place or buy/ sell groups.  

Customer focus - Our staff are knowledgeable about all things for under 5s and we are not tied to promote particular brands- we can suggest items specific to you and your child. If you are searching for a particular item, we are happy to take your details and get in touch if one becomes available.